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Saturday, March 8, 2014


A topic that echoes similarity across the world and brings anger to everyone who is affected by it. Prevalent in India in many forms especially among the political class and the government officials who take it for granted that it is their birth right to take bribe to do their duties. With the rise of the media as a powerful force in the Indian society and a somewhat aggressive and neutral Supreme court slamming corruption at every possible juncture corruption is an important agenda in the upcoming national elections in 2014.

If anyone is constructing a house or renovating something or just adding just a new room on the roof we have to pay off a certain amount to the councilor in that area. Councilor is one who is supposed to solve problems in an area like no roads, water supply etc. instead these are the ones who will be creating the problems for people. This is how it works this councilor has a guy who will be roaming about the streets in a bicycle or who wheeler sniffing for any sign of construction. If he finds something he goes to the house and demands a certain amount from the people who are constructing the house. If they dont pay up he tells that the councilor wants to see them personally. This guy who is supposed to be people's problem solver then comes up with faults which does not exist and says that he will solve the problems if they pay a certain amount to him. They will be circling around until their ambitions is achieved. An ordinary man who may be already stretched to do that construction in form of a loan or debt will have to see off these #~^*^# to avoid any problems or delays in the construction. I always wonder if democracy is for an ordinary man or for these kind of lunatics who have the power.

More worst instances can be seen in government hospitals. If a patient needs to be moved from one ward to another you need to pay the attender who is moving the patient around needs to be payed. If you need good healthcare provided there you need to know doctors or certain people otherwise you will be lost in the crowd waiting for the treatment. Of course not all of them are bad but unfortunately most of them are. A foreman working in the telephone department needs to fix faulty lines thats his job. But what he does is fixes the lines and asks for 100 bucks for fixing it. 100 bucks for doing his duty for which he is in the department. If you make any complaints it will always land in deaf ears thats how the system has been designed to protect the corrupt. These are just few instances which infuriates an ordinary man and as I said earlier it is engraved in the minds of these people that bribery is an essential part of their lives which is their birth right.

The upcoming elections hopefully will bring some change in the center to get rid of the corrupt and scam ridden government who have been in power for far too many years to understand the sufferings and grievances of the ordinary people. The poverty line description of 32 rupees i.e., who earns 32 rupees is above the poverty line was a serious joke on the Indian people. These politicians and economists should be given the same amount and asked to survive a day with it. Hope for a better governance in the country without the corrupt and the communal powers shaking down the pillars of our democracy.

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suresh subramaniam said...

Very relavent topic Shamil.We Indians are so used to bribes even when we travel to other country I mean the third world country their officials expect bribe from us ' as they say you Indians can bribe' it's a pathetic situation we need a saviour and every one should stand tall to make a change.

suresh subramaniam said...

Very relavent topic Shamil.We Indians are so used to bribe when we travel to other country I mean the third world countries their official/police expects bribes from us ' as they say you Indians know how to bribe' it's a pathetic disgraceful situation.We need to revamp this and need a saviour,it should be in each one of us to stand tall against any form of corruption or else we will leave a more miserable place to live for our future generations.

shamil S said...

Yes suresh hopefully change is around the corner and we can expect things to change sooner!!