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Sunday, June 15, 2014

1 year in Scope

I was thinking about writing a blog for sometime now and couldnt make out what should I exactly be writing about. Thought why not write about the recent milestone in my career, completion of 1 year in Scope. I had left VGI on May 31, 2013 and was wondering what was lying ahead for me in the new company. It was June 5, 2013 the D-day where the hopes and reality were about to meet together.

Wasnt sure what to expect as I reached office by 9 am and was waiting in the reception along with a whole host of other new joiners waiting for their first day at office.We were given an introduction on Scope and how things were working there. Half a day went by filling in the forms (and there were lots of them). By 4 pm the joining formalities were over and we were informed that we will be picked up by our line managers who we will be reporting to. I met my manager who also was the person who interviewed me in the first place. He gave me a brief overview of the role and how it would pan out over a period of time

I was taken to my seat where I logged in and started working on the assignment my manager had given to me. Right on the money from the very first day wasnt expecting it on the first day though. I left the day at 6.30 and was wondering how it will all unfold in the coming days and months

In the coming days it was Excel, sharepoint and a whole lot of processes which came my way. It was quite a learning experience and I had to be in the learning mode all the time (expecially with regards to excel) coming from the design and presentation background. Managing mails, escalations, diplomatic handling of situations are a few among many things which I could say have become my strong points. It was a roller coaster year with many ups and downs, late night working and I hope to continue on this journey looking for a better and brighter future.